Health Insurance & Immunizations for International Students

Health Insurance

All international students are required to have health insurance. All students are automatically enrolled in听USF鈥檚 insurance plan听unless there is proof of private coverage that is accepted by USF. Some hospitals and physicians may not accept the health insurance purchased outside of the United States.

It is very important for all international students to have health insurance because health care in the United States can be very expensive. American citizens and international visitors are required to pay medical costs by themselves unless they have health insurance. Insurance provides protection against high costs and gives you access to health care in the United States.


All undergraduate, graduate, and transfer students must have proof of their immunizations based on the听. If a student does not show documentation of all required immunizations, he or she must pay to receive the necessary vaccinations at USF. Your health care provider must have all official health and immunization records translated into English.

Physical Examination for Athletes

All athletes must complete a physical examination before the start of their season in order to participate in official practices. If you are seen by a physician in your country, you must bring official and translated documents with you. If you do not complete your physical examination in your country, you will need to see a physician in the United States.